A recent  article in the "Reading Eagle" with some history of Seyfert Camp.

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Our Camp is nestled in the beautiful hillside surrounding Reading, PA. It's a great place to rest, relax, and recharge your "spiritual batteries."


We are a Christian Camp founded on the principles and truths of Scripture which call us into a life of holiness.


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DAVID TAYLOR (302) 723-1360

100th Camp Anniversary: July 31 - August 8, 2021

We are still looking for pictures, writings and information of the past that you might want to share about your memories and activities at Seyfert Camp. The planning committee, chaired by Bruce Schott, is formulating plans for special services and events. Here’s what he wrote about the upcoming event:

We are pleased to announce that planning has started for the 100th anniversary of our camp at Seyfert, Pennsylvania. We are so excited with the prospect of meeting once again in person with our dear camp friends while we celebrate this important milestone in the life of our camp. Preliminary plans call for our 100th celebration to start on the last Friday of camp with our anniversary celebration service being held on Saturday, August 7th. We will have activities all week long around celebrating the legacy that has been established over the years by many faithful people that had a vision for Seyfert Camp. We plan on being able to share about our history and how camp has changed over the years. Please make sure that you plan to attend and participate in this historic celebration.”

We hope you will attend many of these events. This will truly be a time of celebration.

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