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Our Camp is nestled in the beautiful hillside surrounding Reading, PA. It's a great place to rest, relax, and recharge your "spiritual batteries."


We are a Christian Camp founded on the principles and truths of Scripture which call us into a life of holiness.


Click the About Us link to find out more about our wonderful camp and how you can become a part of our association.


To reserve the camp for your event, click on the Directions tab and send us a message.


JOHN FLEECE (717) 203-1677



Are you interested in helping maintain the camp and keep it in good shape? The spring work days are scheduled for Thursday, April 20th, Friday,April  21st, and Saturday, April 22nd. Almost anyone can participate. With all the carpentry work, plumbing, painting and cleanup, you do not have to be a professional. We also need people to feel the helpers, to run errands, to wash windows, sweep floors and many other tasks. If you would love to join us, contact John Fleece at (717)203-1677. Additionally, if you can come, let Vickie Fleece know if you can bring something for the meals at (717)203-1633. 


We have scheduled our annual fund raising banquet fro April 29, 2023 at noon.It will be held again at Seyfert Camp. Big John Nolt’s catering services will prepare and serve the meal this year. You can arrive anytime after 11:30 and enjoy fellowship and snacks before the dinner. Music and camp updates will be shared after the meal. As always, this Mel is free to everyone who loves Seyfert Camp. However, it is a fundraiser and we hope you will prayerfully consider what you can contribute to help the camp pay its expenses and continue to make improvements. We have made reservations for 100 people and will need to have a number to submit to our caterer. Please email or contact Dan Taylor at (302)875-3266 or


Camp information will be added shortly

Shop at Amazon using the link above to help support Seyfert Camp all year long. Share with your friends and neighbors too.

A recent  article in the "Reading Eagle" with some history of Seyfert Camp.

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